So far this summer, Seven’s Test and BBL coverage has reached a combined 10.5 million Australians nationally, including 7.1 million in the capital cities

The 2023-24 cricket season has made Seven #1 so far this summer, with a 43.2% all people commercial audience share – its highest ever share at this point in summer. Seven also ranks #1 in people 25 to 54.

The three Australia v Pakistan Tests reached 8.75 million people nationally (5.8 million in the capital cities), with an average national audience of 725,000 nationally. The average audience was up 3% nationally on the same Tests in the 2022-23 season and up 4% in the capital cities.

The first Test in Perth saw a 29% increase nationally year-on-year (up 31% in the capital cities), while the third Test was up 3% nationally and 4% in the capital cities.

Despite a high number of rain-affected matches this season, the BBL has reached 8.2 million people so far, including 5.4 million in metropolitan markets. 

The BBL’s average season-to-date national audience is 484,000 and has grown in the capital cities, including a 24% jump in Brisbane and a 2% increase in Melbourne.

While Seven reports an average national rating of 484,000 for BBL matches this season, according to VOZ data its 500,000 per match. Metro ratings average 299,000 per game, while regionals avverage 205,000 per game. The aggregated average audience for the season on Seven is 11.5 million.

Fox Crickets ratings average 117,000 per match (120,000 for Fox exclusives), while streaming audiences are estimated at around 105,000 per match (119,000 for Fox exclusive games). The linear audience average for Fox and Seven is 488,000 per game, rising to 616,000 for simultaenous fixtures. With streaming, the estimated audience is 593,000 per game, rising to 720,000 for simultaneous fixtures.

Crowd numbers for the BBL are also on the rise, climbing an impressive 24% so far this summer, while attendance at Test matches is up 16%.

Data:, Oztam Live VPM and Subtv reports. Streaming estimates based on reported data from Oztam Live VPM reports.

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