Stats On Australia’s A-League 2024 

The Australian A-league is the premier soccer league Down Under. Over the years, the league has won the loyalty of millions of fans, sports bettors, and soccer enthusiasts alike. 

The league was originally formed in 2004 and consists of 12 teams total, 11 of which call Australia home and 1 of which is from neighboring country New Zealand. The usual game season takes place from about October to May and has only just concluded for this year, with the championship match taking place recently on May 25th. The match saw the Central Coast Mariners take first place and defeat Melbourne Victory and was watched by millions of excited fans, bettors, and soccer fanatics in Australia, New Zealand, and around the world. 

Let’s explore some of the most interesting stats on Australia’s A-league for 2024. 

1. Central Coast Mariners Saw 17 Wins, 4 Draws and 6 Losses This Season 

This year’s league champs, the Central Coast Mariners, saw a total of 17 wins, 4 draws, and 6 losses throughout the season. Loyal fans and sports bettors often enjoy supporting one team throughout each season and encouraging them through attending games, watching matches, or wagering on outcomes. Loyal Mariners fans who supported the team in various ways, like betting on sports in Australia, got the ultimate reward this year as their team became league champs. Techopedia’s gambling editor Matty Treuberg explains that sports betting online is ideal for enthusiasts in Australia looking for good odds and unique betting markets. 

Other teams that earned a similar number of wins this season include Wellington, with 15 wins, Melbourne V. with 10 wins, and a number of teams that ended the season with 11 wins total, including teams from Macarthur, Melbourne City, and Western City. 

2. This Is The Central Coast Mariners 3rd Big Win 

The recent championship game between the Central Coast Mariners and the Melbourne Victory team saw both teams playing in the hopes of winning another title. Melbourne Victory was hoping to win big, and if they did, it would have been their fifth championship title. The team has four prior wins, although they have not seen a win anytime within the past six years, so this win would have meant a lot to the team. The Central Coast Mariners, on the other hand, came out victorious, making this their third big win. Now with three championships under their belts, sports fans, soccer enthusiasts, and bettors are expecting big things from the Central Coast Mariners in the coming year. 

3. Perth Glory Ranked Lowest This Season

The team from Perth saw a total of 15 losses this year, with 7 draws and only 5 wins. Other teams also saw similar loss numbers, so the amount of lost games is not unusual for lower-ranking teams. 

For example, Western United also saw 15 losses. While not quite as dismal as 15, Brisbane Roar saw 13 losses, which still put them relatively low on the overall ranking for the season.

Overall, the five lowest-ranking teams this season were (from the bottom up) Perth Glory, Western United, Newcastle Jets, Brisbane Roar, and Adelaide Utd. While these teams did not do very well this year, they have a few months to rest, recover, and re-group before the next A-League season kicks off in October, where their chance of becoming champs will start all over again with a fresh slate. 

4. Melbourne Victory Saw 12 Draws This Season

Surprisingly, Melbourne Victory saw 12 matches ended in draws this season. This is surprising since they ended up being one of the teams in the final championship match. 

When comparing the states between the two teams competing for the championship, Melbourne Victory had 12 draws, 10 wins, and only 5 losses this year. Compared to Central Coast Mariners, who had a total of only 4 draws, with 17 wins and 6 losses, we can see that Melbourne V. played through the season with a much higher number of tied games. However, losses were similar, with the Mariners having a slight advantage. Similarly, the Mariners also had a slight edge over Victory when it came to wins throughout the season as well. 

Reviewing the stats from this year’s A-league season, we can see that a number of teams were neck and neck, especially Melbourne Victory and the Central Coast Mariners. For sports enthusiasts, betting fans, and soccer players, these games are a constant source of entertainment and excitement. Some fans enjoy attending events, others like to wager online, in person, or even on an anonymous betting site, while others enjoy watching games from home. No matter how fans like to engage, it’s safe to say that dedicated fans will be eagerly awaiting October when the season will start all over again. 

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