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NRL Clubs ask ARL to increase funding to 130 per cent of player payments

Fairfax reports that NRL clubs want their annual grants increased to 130 per cent of the salary cap and changes to the constitution to give them a greater say in the make-up of the ARL Commission.Those are the key points in a list of demands drawn up ahead of a potentially explosive meeting on Wednesday between a delegation of club bosses and the NRL’s negotiating team, headed by ARL chairman John Grant.The clubs have devised a list of demands, which include:

  • annual grants of 130 per cent of the amount for total player payments;
  • a 30 per cent share of NRL profits;
  • a review of the ARLC constitution;
  • NRL licences for an indefinite period;
  • an independent review of the NRL’s costs, and;
  • a say in approving the NRL’s budget;
  • Review of the ratchet clauses that link increases in the salary cap to increases in player wages;
  • A vehicle to share digital rights revenue based on the model used in Major League Baseball;
  • $3 million offered by the NRL but with no conditions attached.

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