Friday Membership Updates


Victory remain well clear at the top, but it was Central Coast and Brisbane who made decent gains in this weeks membership tally updates. The A-league added more than 1,500 members this week to its total.


National Rugby League

Canberra makes its debut on the 2017 tally list this week with a handy 7,900 but the Broncos remain at the top, less than a thousand clear of South Sydney who made big gains on their tally for the third week running. While overall, the NRL added almost 16,000 members to its total for 2017.

Australian Football League

With more AFL tallys coming online, this week it was Hawthorns turn to debut on the 2017 tally, and they went straight to the top. North Melbourne also debuted on the tally sheet at a sold 20,000. West Coast made impressive gains as it processes through its members, adding a further 11,400 to its tally. The AFL added more than 84,000 members to its total this week.


With the AFL clubs beginning to get through their automated membership rollovers, its to be expected that more of them will begin rising to the top of the tally, as Hawthorn did this week, and West Coast did the week before. Hawthorns debut pushes Victory down to to third, and North Melbournes debut pushes Western Sydney down to 7th. while the top NRL clubs are currently 8th and 9th.

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