A-league Crowds and Ratings – Round 3, 2018-19


At the end of Round 3 of the 2018-19 A-league season, attendances are down 13.16% to 207,475 at an average of 13,832. R3 was attended by 44,728 people at 5 stadiums in 3 states and New Zealand for an average crowd of 8,946. Both major derbies have been completed at this stage in both seasons.


At the close of R3, the average Foxtel audience for the A-league has dropped 34.35% to an average of 52,000 per game, down from 78,000 at the start of the 2017-18 season. R3 was watched by 221,000 on Foxtel. Streaming figures are not available – and Telstra does not intend to release the figures., citing commercial-in-confidence.  Once again, no One data published for Saturday night Aleague. Published cut off for multi channels was 103,000.


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