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VOZ – AFL Grand Final TV Ratings (and Final season estimates), NRL Prelim weekend

The 2022 AFL Grand Final rated a total of 3.183m – picking up an additional 115,000 viewers – inc 86,000 regional viewers.

  • Seven 3.183m
  • Metro 2.186m
  • Regional 867,000
  • BVOD 95,000
  • Presentations 2.657m
  • On the Ground 2.440m

NRL Prelim Weekend VOZ

  • Nine Cowboys/Eels 1.346m (+46k)
  • Panthers/Rabbitohs 1.359m (+38k)
  • Total est Cowboys/Eels 2.144m
  • Panthers/Rabbitohs 2.107m
  • Data: Oztam VOZ, subtv cons+7. Kayo est on season trend.

Final End of Season Ratings

AFL End of Season Est TV Ratings and Attendance

  • AFL Preseason 1.089m
  • AFL H&A Season 106.265m
  • AFL Finals 19.169m
  • Total TV 126.524m
  • Total Attendance 6.752m
  • Attendance + TV 133.276m
  • Total TV Viewing Hours 316.310m

NRL End of Season Est TV Ratings and Attendance

  • NRL Preseason 2.89m
  • NRL H&A Season 118.895
  • NRL Finals 15.552m
  • Total Season TV 137.338m
  • Total Attendace 3.441m
  • TV + Attendance 140.779m
  • Total TV Viewing hours 206.833m

Total NRL Rep Season Est

  • TV Ratings and Attendance Origin Series 9.393m
  • Rep Fixtures 2.619m
  • Total Rep TV 12.012m
  • Attendance 263,799
  • Attendance + TV 12.276m
  • Total TV Viewing Hours 18.018m

Total NRL 2022 H&A + Rep Year Est TV Ratings and Attendance

  • Total NRL 2022 TV 149.35m
  • Total NRL Attendance 3.705m
  • TV & Attendance 153.055m
  • Total TV Viewing Hours 224.025m

Data does not include NZ.

Jason Lassey

Ive been collecting and publishing Sports related crowd, financial, and ratings data here and on twitter for about 12 years.

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