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VOZ – AFL Grand Final TV Ratings (and Final season estimates), NRL Prelim weekend

The 2022 AFL Grand Final rated a total of 3.183m – picking up an additional 115,000 viewers – inc 86,000 regional viewers.

  • Seven 3.183m
  • Metro 2.186m
  • Regional 867,000
  • BVOD 95,000
  • Presentations 2.657m
  • On the Ground 2.440m

NRL Prelim Weekend VOZ

  • Nine Cowboys/Eels 1.346m (+46k)
  • Panthers/Rabbitohs 1.359m (+38k)
  • Total est Cowboys/Eels 2.144m
  • Panthers/Rabbitohs 2.107m
  • Data: Oztam VOZ, subtv cons+7. Kayo est on season trend.

Final End of Season Ratings

AFL End of Season Est TV Ratings and Attendance

  • AFL Preseason 1.089m
  • AFL H&A Season 106.265m
  • AFL Finals 19.169m
  • Total TV 126.524m
  • Total Attendance 6.752m
  • Attendance + TV 133.276m
  • Total TV Viewing Hours 316.310m

NRL End of Season Est TV Ratings and Attendance

  • NRL Preseason 2.89m
  • NRL H&A Season 118.895
  • NRL Finals 15.552m
  • Total Season TV 137.338m
  • Total Attendace 3.441m
  • TV + Attendance 140.779m
  • Total TV Viewing hours 206.833m

Total NRL Rep Season Est

  • TV Ratings and Attendance Origin Series 9.393m
  • Rep Fixtures 2.619m
  • Total Rep TV 12.012m
  • Attendance 263,799
  • Attendance + TV 12.276m
  • Total TV Viewing Hours 18.018m

Total NRL 2022 H&A + Rep Year Est TV Ratings and Attendance

  • Total NRL 2022 TV 149.35m
  • Total NRL Attendance 3.705m
  • TV & Attendance 153.055m
  • Total TV Viewing Hours 224.025m

Data does not include NZ.

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