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Friday Sports TV Ratings – March 22, 2024

Where Free to Air Television is concerned, the AFL is consistently showing itself to be the number 1 performer, not just in sport, but as far as Reach is concerned, all programming. Fox and Kayo are still not available at this time.


  • Seven Network
  • Friday Night Football
  • Reach: 1.748m (#1)
  • Average: 574,000 (#4) – Adelaide 110,000

The AFLs Friday night footy again proved to be top of the market in the reach stakes, as well as the top ranked non sport program of the day on average. Sevens postmatch coverage averaged 281,000. The AFK topped all demographics for reach, ecept grocery shoppers where it came in at #2.

This wasa the lowest Reach and Average for Friday Night AFL this season. The average reach audience on Seven for Friday night AFL is 1.947m, while the average audience on Seven is 623,000.

Friday night AFL Reach/Average

  • 22.04 – 1.748m/574,000
  • 15.04 – 2.1m/658,000
  • 08.04 – 1.993m/638,000


  • Friday Night NRL Live
  • Nine Network
  • Reach: 1.293m (#4)
  • Average: 526,000 (#7)

Nines postmatch averaged 167,000 viewers. The NRL won the 25-54 average ratings, and was level with the AFL in the 16-39 bracket, while a little further back in the field with the grocery shoppers.

This wasa the lowest Reach and Average for Friday Night NRL this season. The average reach audience on Nine for Friday night NRL is 1.367m, while the average audiece is 553,000.

Friday Night NRL Reach/Average

  • 22.04 – 1.293,/526,000
  • 15.04 – 1.384m/557,000
  • 08.04 – 1.426m/576,000

Sevens FTA #AFL Average Ratings are down -4% on Thursday nights, but breaking even on friday nights compared to Round 1 -3 last year. These key fixtures are down -2% in total.

Nines FTA #NRL average ratings are down 1% on Thursday and down -1% on Friday nights compared to Round 1-3 last year. These key fixtures are down 1% in total.

The NRL has narrowed the gap from a total of 43,000 to 26,000 viewers on FTA. Not really a material difference in the great scheme of things.

Head to Head, The NRL is rating 7% higher than the AFL on Thursday nights, but the AFL is outrating the NRL by 11% on Friday nights in 2024 – giving the AFL a slender lead of 2% on aggregated FTA ratings.

  • Seven AFL Thursday Ave 620,000
  • Nine NRL Thursday Ave 664,000
  • Seven AFL Friday Ave 660,000
  • Nine NRL Friday Ave 590,000

Before anyone asks, Fox simply cannot be done due to lack of data for this season, and the streaming data for early last year is all guesswork. It is not a deliberate ploy by myself, the AFL, Oztam, the media companies and the tv networks to hide the superiority of other codes pay tv ratings.

Data: VOZ

Jason Lassey

Ive been collecting and publishing Sports related crowd, financial, and ratings data here and on twitter for about 12 years.

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